Reclaim your time

Focus on what you are doing best, delegate your time consuming tasks to your administrative assistant

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Social media

Your social media would benefit from a consistent marketing support

Navigate administration

You could use some guidance with registrations, authorisations and forms

Reclaim your time

Get an administrative assistant

Successful business owners understand that time is one of the most valuable resources. In order for any business to flourish, administrators and employees must be able to fully focus on projects and issues that are vital to company success.

Entrepreneurs sometimes feel overwhelmed due to all the multi-hats roles

A temporary administrative assistant provides vital assistance, acting as a reliable partner!

Administrative assistants enhance professionalism by ensuring smooth customer interactions and efficiently managing day-to-day tasks.

Our Services

An administrative assistant is like a personal assistant for your small business. You benefit from immediate access to our collective expertise and connection to our rapidly growing network.

Temporary reinforcement

Your assistant has a specific mission, to be performed in a limited time

  • Translating marketing content in several languages
  • Finding local accountant or contractor
  • Simple website
  • Logo & branding material
  • Research & surveys
Part-time administrative assistant

Your assistant will support your company’s growth over several months.

  • Quotes from suppliers
  • Identify and contact potential new customers
  • Contact local authorities (taxes, patent office, food and veterinary authorities)
  • Social media & online presence
  • Community manager

Why atfylgi?

The choice of the name “Atfylgi” for our company embodies the core values and aspirations that drive us. Old icelandic word for “assistance”, “Atfylgi” holds profound significance that resonates deeply with our mission.

The name also embodies our dedication to inspiring growth. “Atfylgi” encompasses the notion of nurturing and fostering development. Just as a seed grows into a mighty tree with care and attention, we aim to provide the support and resources necessary for our clients to flourish. Our services are designed to empower businesses to reach their full potential, fostering growth that is sustainable and impactful.

Our Values

Two sides of the same coin

Team work & Diversity

Our assistants are coming from different background, working together to tackle any challenge in a professional manner.

Local & Visibility

All our assistants are based in Iceland. They know the local culture and are aspiring to promote small businesses talents.

Trust & Reliability

Due to their involvement in business strategy, assistants maintain a high level of discretion, while benefiting from the team experience

Founder & CEO


Marianne arrived in Iceland in 2015 armed with extensive experience in project management and organisational leadership. 

She pursued her dreams after immigrating, earning a Master’s degree in Environment and Natural Resources in HÍ and learning Icelandic. 

By founding Atfylgi Skrifstofu, she put her skills and experience accessible to support small businesses. 

Marianne’s roots remain strong; she advocates for diversity, visibility and team work.

Our excellence


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